Melinda Gates

TEDxChange 2013 Host: Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates is co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Along with Bill Gates, she shapes and approves the foundation’s strategies, reviews results, and sets the overall direction of the organization. Together they meet with grantees and partners to further the foundation’s goal of improving equity in the United States and around the world. While involved in all of the organization’s endeavors, Gates believes that empowering women in developing countries to decide whether and when to have a child is a critical driver of her work at the foundation, since this decision can be the source of transformational improvements in the health and prosperity of whole societies. Gates received a master’s degree in business administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in 1987. After joining Microsoft in 1987, she was appointed as Microsoft’s general manager of Information Products. In 1996, Gates left the organization, and since then has directed her energy toward the nonprofit world.

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TEDxChange 2013 Speakers: Salim Shekh and Sikha Patra, Vaccine Advocates

Salim Shekh, a boy of 15 years, lives in a polluted slum in East Kolkata, India. Sikha Patra, a girl of 15 years, lives in an Indian slum called Neheru Colony. This dynamic duo has been engaged in eradicating polio from their community, developing a map which they plan to share online with the global audience to make their invisible community visible. Sikha and Salim are child advisors to Prayasam, an India-based NGO that has organized thousands of children in the slum areas to become peer leaders/educators, catalyzing lifestyle changes within their communities. Focusing primarily on preventive health, sanitation, and hygiene, these children are changing the physical and social environment within which they live. Currently they are negotiating with the local government to ward off diseases like dengue. Both Sikha and Salim were speakers at the Skoll World Forum held in Oxford in 2012. They spoke about the active role of the youth as the contributors as well as the change-makers of the society.

After showing a trailer from the feature film Revolutionary Optimists, about how children are saving lives in the slums of Calcutta, TEDxChange host Melinda Gates will then invite Salim and Sikha, who both feature prominently in the film, to join her onstage for Q&A.

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The courage to believe change is possible

Can a person change a world rife with problems — villages without basic healthcare, girls turned away from schools, hospitals unable to get life-saving vaccines to the people who need them? For three years, TEDxChange, a partnership between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the TEDx program, has said yes, by spotlighting people who are taking risks, thinking big and making change happen.

This year’s TEDxChange event takes place on 3 April 2013 in Seattle, USA. TEDxSoweto, along with over 200 other TEDx communities around the world, will stream this event live. Our programme will run from 16:30 to 19:30 at JoziHub, on 44 Stanley Avenue, in Milpark Johannesburg.

Here, TEDxChange host Melinda Gates chats with TED Curator (and former TEDxChange host) Chris Anderson about positive disruption.

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