09:00 – 10:00 | REGISTRATION

10:00 – 11:30 | SESSION 1 | VISIONS

XOLISA DYESHANA, Executive Creative Director
Xolisa Dyeshana is chairperson of The Loerie Awards, South Africa’s premiere advertising awards show.

Twitter: @XolisaDyeshana
Web: loeries.com

GAVIN MAGENI, Design Provocateur
Gavin Mageni believes that design and innovation are the catalysts that will help us find solutions to the unrelenting national challenges of high unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Twitter: @GFM0202
Web: sabs.designsa.org.za

PREETESH SEWRAJ, Brand Archaeologist
Preetesh is head of Product of the Year, the most extensive consumer-product innovation survey in South Africa, and Africa.

Twitter: @iPreetesh
Web: productoftheyear.co.za

ANTHONY COHEN, Social Networking Innovator
Anthony Cohen hopes to disrupt the social networking status quo with Mygeni, his locally developed information-sharing platform.

Twitter: @Mygeni
Web: mygeni.org

MOCKE J VAN VEUREN, Experimental Filmmaker
Mocke J van Veuren experiments with media technologies while engaging in critiques on issues of urban life, racial politics, gender and sexuality.

Twitter: @mockej
Video: Vimeo, TED@Tunis

11:30 – 12:00 | CONVERSATION BREAK

12:00 – 13:30 | SESSION 2 | HEROICS

VERNA VAN SCHAIK, World Record Holder for Scuba Diving
Verna van Schaik is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as holder of the female scuba diving record for depth – the Deepest Woman in the World.

Twitter: @Vernav
Web: vernavanschaik.com

SANDILE NGCOBO, Inventor of the Digital Laser
CSIR scientist Sandile Ngcobo has won international renown with his remarkable breakthrough in laser technology.

Video: YouTube
Web: csir.co.za

Cameron Sithole-Modisane is one half of the couple said to be the first gay men to be married in a traditional ceremony in rural KwaZulu-Natal.

Twitter: @Youngster_Cam
Web: sithole-modisane.blogspot.com

FARREN ROPER, Technologist
In his most recent job, Farren Roper headed the team responsible for many of the innovations that have made FNB the “most innovative bank in the world”.

Twitter: @FarrenRoper
Web: Linkedin

MILES KUBHEKA, Entrepreneur
Miles Kubheka, founder of Vuyo’s eatery, is building an exciting new business inspired by the famous “Ooh Vuyo, he’s such a beeg beeg dreamer!” TV advertisement.

Twitter: @Vuyobeegdreamer
Web: vuyos.co.za

Vuyelwa Maluleke’s poetry is influenced largely by her urban surroundings, the women within them, the men they choose to love, and the sisters and children they make room for in the world.

Twitter: @vee_m_words
Web: ivuxolo.tumblr.com

13:30 – 14:30 | CONVERSATION BREAK

14:30 – 16:00 | SESSION 3 | DEEDS

RIDWAN MIA, Reconstructive Surgeon
Ridwan Mia performed two ground-breaking skin cloning operations – one on 3-year-old Pippie Kruger and the other on 5-year-old Celiwe Maseko – and has been honoured with the Order of the Baobab for distinguished service.

Twitter: @DrRidwanMia
Web: YouTube

JACQUES SEBISAHO, Medical Doctor, Humanitarian
Jacques Sebisaho escaped the violence of the Congolese war and settled in the United States in 2002. He has since dedicated his life to rebuilding his homeland.

Web: amaniglobalworks.org

MOHAMMED JOGIE, Co-founder of Mandela Poster Project
Mohammed Jogie leads MPP, a project that celebrates Nelson Mandela’s contribution to humanity by collecting 95 exceptional posters from designers around the world in his honour .

Twitter: @mjogie
Web: Mandela Poster Project

BANKS GWAXULA, Educator, Community Leader
Banks Gwaxula co-founded Ubuntu Education Fund, an NGO that employs over 55 people and reaches over 40,000 children with it’s various initiatives.

Twitter: @UbuntuFund
Web: ubuntufund.org

When Botlhale Tshetlo turned 38, she carried out a list of 38 random acts of kindness as her way of giving back and giving thanks.

Twitter: @TlhaleD
Web: Cake Couture Jhb

16:00 – 16:30 | CONVERSATION BREAK

16:30 – 18:00 | SESSION 4 | TALES

PIPPA TSHABALALA, Gaming Specialist
Pippa Tshabalala has been gaming since she was 10. Without even trying, she debunks the myth that the average gamer is a pubescent white boy.

Twitter: @UnexpectedPippa
Web: pippatshabalala.blogspot.com

ROLIE NIKIWE, TV & Film Director
Rolie Nikiwe is best known for his groundbreaking and genre defying work on the TV series ‘Intersexions’. His latest film is the critically aclaimed ‘Nothing for Mahala’.

Twitter: @RolieNikiwe
Web: mahala.co.za

Mabogoshi Sylvia Matlala wrote her Masters thesis on Khumbul’ekhaya, a popular docu-reality series on SABC 1 that reunites long lost relatives with their kin.

Twitter: @mabogoshi
Web: Linkedin

MIKE MAPHOTO, Author of ‘Diary of a Zulu Girl’
Mike Maphoto started his ‘Diary of a Zulu Girl’ blog as a joke. With more than 10 million page views and visits from 22 countries, that joke is now a serious global phenomenon.

Twitter: @Diaryofazulugal
Web: diaryofazulugirl.co.za

JARED MOLKO, YouTube Evangelist
Jared Molko advises YouTube’s most valuable clients on how they can grow their presence on the web’s dominant video platform.

Twitter: @Jared_Molko
Web: youtube.com/user/molkoj84

NANCY G, Musician
Nancy G has taken her a unique and universal sound to stages round the world. She has performed in Hungary, Germany, the UK and closer to home in Swaziland and Nigeria.

Twitter: @nancygthefam
Web: muthaland.co.za


SAVARA, Musical Band
Zimbabwean outfit Savara play what they call electronic-dub-Chimurenga! You don’t want to miss that.

Born in Rockville, Soweto, Kenzhero began his career in 1998 with performances at poetry sessions in and around Johannesburg.

Twitter: @djkenzhero
Web: YouTube